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At Eurotrips, we've made sure your dream trip doesn't break the bank or take years to plan. Just book your trip, hop on a bus with 40 other curious cats, and embark on a hair-raising circuit of Europe’s finest. We take care of everything that seems like a pain: transport, accommodation, and day-to-day planning. Plus, unique activities and local guides in every city, showing you places Google wouldn’t know.

But how does it all work? How do you book a trip? And how do you make the payment? What's included and what can you add on? Here's everything you need to know to book your ultimate trip.

What’s Included:

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# Trip Leader
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Your step-by-step guide

# 1
Pick the trip
Browse our trips by routes or months and choose the one that sparks your wanderlust.
# 2
Secure your spot
Select your preferred date, fill out the form, and voila! Your spot is reserved, no deposit required.
# 3
Pay and go
Pay all at once or break it into 3 payments. Just make sure to pay in full at least 60 days before your Eurotrip.
# 1

Pick the trip

Choose the route

Whether you're eyeing a quick 2-week getaway or gearing up for the ultimate 1-month Eurotrip, we've got you sorted. Browse through our trips and pick the one that sets your heart racing. Each trip varies in duration, locations, and activities, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Add Yacht Week

Yes, the legendary Yacht Week you might have heard and dreamed about. Teaming up with our sister brand, we've crafted two bundled routes that'll blow your mind. Picture this: kick off your journey exploring Europe's gems by bus, then top it off with a week of sailing and partying on a yacht. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on these routes.. Interested?

Check out the trips
Sun, Snow & Sea + Yacht Week Croatia
Sunshine Circuit + Yacht Week Greece

# 2

Secure your spot

Zero Deposit

Securing your spot on the trip is a breeze! Simply fill out the contact form and your reservation is set. What comes next? Keep an eye on your inbox for further instructions we'll be sending via email. And remember, ensure your payment is made at least 60 days before departure.

Need help?

Our Trip Advisors have first-hand experience of what it's like to be a Eurotripper. They've been there, done that, and are ready to answer all your questions., And don’t forget to quiz them for stories, hints and insider tips to make the trip of a lifetime.

Get in touch with us to explore the best routes and deals Eurotrips has to offer.

# 3

Pay and go

Payment Plan

Pay in 3 easy instalments
Instalment 1 · Confirm booking · €100
Instalment 2 · 30 days after
Instalment 3 · 60 days before your trip

Choose Your Trip

Classic Dash Classic Dash
11 days 4 countries
View trip
Italian Speciale Italian Speciale
14 days 2 countries
View trip
Classic Stroller Classic Stroller
14 days 5 countries
View trip
Sun, Snow & Sea Sun, Snow & Sea
16 days 5 countries
View trip
Sun, Snow & Sea + Yacht Week Croatia Sun, Snow & Sea + Yacht Week Croatia
23 days 5 countries
View trip
Sunshine Circuit Sunshine Circuit
21 days 6 countries
View trip
Scenic Circuit Scenic Circuit
25 days 9 countries
View trip
Sunshine Circuit + Yacht Week Greece Sunshine Circuit + Yacht Week Greece
28 days 6 countries
View trip
The Original Eurotrip The Original Eurotrip
26 days 11 countries
View trip
The Everything Trip The Everything Trip
38 days 13 countries
View trip
All you need
to know!
  • What is Eurotrips?

    <p>We are the specialists in European travel. Since 2012, we've been organising fantastic group trips for 20-30 year-olds. Just imagine: more than a decade of rip-roaring, life-changing Eurotrips, by Europeans.</p> <p>Our Eurotrips are based on two core values:</p> <ol> <li>&lsquo;Not for Tourists&rsquo; &mdash; Whether you&rsquo;re a first-timer, solo traveller or anyone in between, see Europe from the POV of a native European.
</li> <li>'Quality Over Everything' &mdash; Hotels, not hostels. Local guides and hidden gems. Activities you won&rsquo;t find anywhere else. ʼ</li> </ol> <p>At Eurotrips, we believe youth is not a phase, it's our prime time. Our mission? Simple: help you sparkle in your 20s&rsquo; spotlight. We don't just talk the talk, we live by our motto 'It's your turn&rsquo;. To Explore Europe. Make friends. Find love. Create timeless memories.
</p> <p>Eurotrips, your trusty travel companion, has everything sorted. Pack your bags and let the journey unfold.</p>

  • Why only 20-30?

    <p>At Eurotrips, we're all about that 20s vibe. It's what makes our adventures as wild as the movies and as legendary as they come.</p> <p>Keeping our age range tight means we gather a crew of awesome, like-minded, curious cats, forming epic friendships faster than you can say "road trip." Once you hop on board, your besties better watch out &ndash; we're bringing some serious competition.</p>

  • What kind of trips do you offer?

    <p>Group trips to Europe in all the meanings. Picture this: One bus. One Trip Leader. Once in a frickin&rsquo; lifetime. You and 40 other curious cats on a hair-raising circuit of Europe&rsquo;s finest destinations, making memories that'll last a lifetime.</p> <p>Whether you're eyeing a quick 2-week getaway or gearing up for the ultimate 1-month Eurotrip, we've got you sorted. Browse through our trips and pick the one that sets your heart racing. Each trip varies in duration, locations, and activities, ensuring there's something for everyone.</p>

  • What destinations do you offer?

    <p>We're all about Europe &ndash; it's in our DNA. So naturally, all our trips are geared towards exploring this incredible continent.</p> <p>Here's what we offer:</p> <ol> <li>Multi-country: These trips are fast-paced and full of excitement. You'll visit several countries and switch cities every 1-3 days.</li> <li>One-country: Dive deep into one region. For example, our Italian Speciale lets you experience the very best that Italy has to offer.</li> <li>+ Yacht Week: Teaming up with our sister brand, we've crafted bundled routes that'll blow your mind. Start your journey by exploring Europe's gems on a bus, then cap it off with a week of sailing and partying on a yacht.</li> </ol>

  • How does it work? What will I do on my Eurotrip?

    <p>If you're hopping on our trip, get ready to join a community of 40 travellers in their 20s, led by a caring Trip Leader and a pro Coach Driver.</p> <p>We've got all the hassle covered &ndash; transportation, accommodation, and daily planning. And in each city, we provide local guides who'll take you to hidden gems that even Google doesn't know about.</p> <p>When it comes to free time, the choice is yours:</p> <ol> <li>Explore the city solo. Trip Leader will give you a must-visit list of local hotspots, cafes, and bars.</li> <li>Opt for Extra Activities. We've handpicked some incredible experiences from paragliding in the Alps to cooking paella in Barcelona. These are optional but highly recommended for an unforgettable trip. You'll find them highlighted on the trip page, and your Trip Leader will help you book them during the trip.</li> </ol> <p>You'll get all the essentials for a chill time in Europe, it's up to you whether you wanna roll with the crew or go solo, chill at the hotel or tear it up on the dance floor.</p>

  • What is included?

    <p>Check out the 'Trip Includes' section on each trip page for all the details on what's covered in your trip price.</p> <p>All our Eurotrips come with:</p> <ul> <li>Transportation</li> <li>Hotel stays</li> <li>Breakfasts</li> <li>Local city tours</li> <li>Activities listed on the itinerary (included)</li> <li>Eurotrips parties</li> <li>Eurotrips Team (Trip Leader, Coach Driver, Locals)</li> </ul> <p>And remember, some of our Eurotrips also include Yacht Week, which means you'll get:</p> <ul> <li>Yacht accommodation</li> <li>Skipper</li> <li>Exclusive access to events</li> <li>DJs</li> <li>Yacht cleaning</li> <li>Towels &amp; bed linen</li> <li>Dinghy for extra fun.</li> </ul>

  • What's NOT included?

    <p>Spending money (of course), but to be clear, but our trips do not include:</p> <ul> <li>Flights to the starting point and from the finishing point</li> <li>Personal travel insurance</li> <li>Visas (if required for travel to Europe)</li> <li>Meals not specified on the trip page</li> <li>Extra activities* (unless specifically mentioned as included).</li> </ul> <p>*We've searched far and wide for the best ways to spend your free time &ndash; we call them 'Extra activities'. These are optional but highly recommended for an unforgettable trip. You'll find them highlighted on the trip page, and your Trip Leader will help you book them during the trip.</p> <p>Yacht Week's additional costs include:</p> <ul> <li>Food and drinks</li> <li>Port fees</li> <li>Refundable yacht deposit</li> <li>Yacht fuel, water, shore power</li> <li>Water taxis.</li> </ul>

  • What kind of transport does Eurotrips use?

    <p>For our European adventures, we opt for comfy and spacious coaches. With reclining seats, air conditioning, and USB power outlets onboard. Plus, music and movies to keep you entertained along the way!</p> <p>On some Eurotrips, you might even get to spend a night on a ferry, snuggled up in a quad cabin accommodation.</p> <p>And for the ultimate sailing experience during Yacht Week, get ready to hop aboard a Classic Monohull yacht. These beauties are 44 feet or longer, built in 2012 or later, and equipped with 4 cabins, 2+ bathrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, and onboard speakers.</p>

  • What type of accommodation do you stay in?

    <p>No hostels, just hotels! Across all our trips, we stick to one standard: 3-4* hotels with twin or triple rooms (based on your choice). They're usually in residential areas, but trust us, it's cooler to snooze in a comfy hotel slightly further from the centre than in a bustling hostel. Plus, our bus provides convenient transfers to the city centre, and you can easily grab a taxi to the hotel anytime.</p> <p>And for Yacht Week (no surprises here), your yacht will be your home. Sail alongside fellow Yacht-Weekers in an epic flotilla, waking up to breathtaking views.</p>

  • How many people will be on my trip?

    <p>Our trips typically have about 40 travellers, with a maximum group size of 50.</p> <p>If you're curious about the number of like-minded travellers on your specific trip, our Customer Service team is here to help. You can reach out to us through live chat or schedule a call via Calendly on our 'Contact Us' page.</p>

  • What sort of people will be on my trip?

    On our trips, you'll meet adventurous people aged 20 to 30, mainly from Australia, the USA, the UK, NZ, and Canada. They're mostly first-time European explorers, excited to make memories and meet new people. While many travel solo, you might also find some with their friends.

  • Is it a problem if I travel on my own?

    <p>No worries about travelling solo! It's actually super common on Eurotrips. Most Eurotrippers are solo travellers like you, but you might also meet some travelling with their friends or siblings. And let us tell you, making new friends is a breeze on our trips. Plenty of people end up becoming besties or even couples. So get ready for some awesome bonding and who knows, you might just find a travel buddy for life.</p> <p>Worried about who you'll be rooming with? We match you with roommates of the same sex. If you'd rather have your own space at night, just chat with our Customer Service team, and they'll arrange a single room for you for additional cost.</p>

  • How do I book a trip?

    <p>You can easily reserve your spot on the tour through our website.</p> <ol> <li>Visit our website.</li> <li>Select the trip that interests you.</li> <li>Choose a date that suits your schedule.</li> <li>Click on the 'book now' button.</li> <li>Complete the required details.</li> <li>Watch for your booking confirmation via email (please check all folders!).</li> <li>If you need assistance, click on the 'I need help' button for contact options.</li> </ol> <p><strong>*Please note, that from April 17, 2024, guests will be able to reserve their spot at no cost!</strong></p>

  • After making the booking when do I need to pay for the trip?

    <p>Until the 17th April, you will be able to reserve your spot for no cost! Following this, you'll receive emails with invoices for three payments:</p> <ol> <li>&euro;100 for booking confirmation (due on April 18).</li> <li>30% of the total trip cost, to be paid no later than 20 days after booking.</li> <li>The remaining balance, is due no later than 60 days before the trip starts.</li> </ol>

  • How do I make a payment?

    <p>Making a payment for your booking is easy! Here's what you need to do:</p> <ol> <li>Check your emails for reminders about the three payments you need to make.</li> <li>Click on the payment link provided in the email.</li> <li>Fill in your debit or credit card details.</li> <li>Select your preferred currency (EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, or AUD). If you choose another currency, the price may fluctuate based on exchange rates.</li> <li>Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.</li> </ol>

  • Can I just pay in full when I book?

    <p>Yes, absolutely! Simply send us an email at [email protected] or initiate a live chat on our website. Once you've contacted us, we'll create an invoice for the full amount of your trip.</p> <p>If you're booking less than 60 days before departure, you'll need to pay the full amount upfront. Remember, spots might fill up fast!</p>

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    You can pay using a with Visa or Mastercard.

  • What currency can I pay in?

    <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Booking the Trip:</span> You can pay in EUR (&euro;), USD ($), GBP (&pound;), AUD (A$), or CAD (CA$). Prices in Euros stay fixed, while others may fluctuate with exchange rates.</p> <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">On the Trip:</span> Extra Activities are paid only in EUR &euro;, however, remember that they're optional.</p>

  • Will there be a card fee when I make payment?

    Payments made outside the UK include a 2% charge, which is added to the transaction amount. These fees are meant to cover currency conversion and international transaction processing. If you have a UK bank account the 2% charge will not apply.

  • My payment is not going through, can you help me?

    <p>Sure, if your payment is not going through, here's what you can do:</p> <p>1. Try Another Browser: Use Google Chrome, as it's the most compatible for payments.&nbsp;</p> <p>2. Check with Your Bank:&nbsp; Contact your bank to ensure:</p> <ul> <li>Sufficient funds are available in your account.</li> <li>There's no maximum daily transaction limit set by your bank.&nbsp;</li> <li>International transfers are not blocked by default.</li> <li>Your bank doesn't require activation of 3-D secure. This is an extra security layer that redirects you to your bank's website to enter a personal PIN code.</li> </ul> <p>3. Verify Pending Payments: If your payment status is 'pending', it means it hasn't been processed and won't be completed.&nbsp;</p> <p>4. Contact US If you're still having trouble, reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll assist you further, including processing the payment over the phone if needed.</p>

  • Can I cancel my booking if I decide I cannot make it?

    <p>Yes, you can cancel your booking, but there are cancellation charges based on the timing of your cancellation. Here's how it works:</p> <ol> <li>From Booking to 30 Days or 100 Days Before the Event Date: You'll incur a cancellation charge of 10% of the total booking cost.</li> <li>Between 30 Days (or 100 Days) and 60 Days Before the Event Date: The cancellation charge increases to 30% of the total booking cost.</li> <li>*Within 60 Days (or less) Before the Event Date: If you cancel within this period, the cancellation charge is 100% of the total booking cost.</li> </ol> <p>Please email [email protected] to request cancellation.</p>

  • Okay I’ve booked, now what?

    <p>Watch your email for more instructions from us.</p> <p>You'll get several emails with payment links:</p> <ul> <li>A &euro;100 deposit to secure your booking</li> <li>30% of the total, due 20 days after booking</li> <li>The rest of the balance, due 60 days before your trip</li> </ul> <p>You'll also get:</p> <ul> <li>A form to fill out with your travel details</li> <li>An email prompting you to buy plane tickets and travel insurance</li> <li>Another email with your trip details, packing list, and a link to our WhatsApp group chat, sent 4 weeks before your trip</li> </ul> <p><strong>Please note, we'll let you know when to buy plane tickets once we have enough people signed up for the trip.</strong></p>

  • What do I need to get onto the trip?

    <p>Make sure to pack your passport with a visa (if required) and travel insurance. When you arrive, you'll need to provide your Trip Leader with your passport details, travel insurance information, and emergency contact details.</p> <p>Some documents we'll send you before the trip should be printed out in case you need to show them to airport authorities.</p>

  • When will I receive the trip documentation?

    You'll receive all the necessary documents via email about 4 weeks before your trip starts.

  • What documents do I need to travel to Europe/the UK?

    <p>Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure from the Schengen Area. It should also have been issued within the last ten years.</p> <p>Visa (if applicable): Depending on your nationality and the destination. Some citizens do not need a visa for short stays (up to 90 days in any 180 days) for tourism, business, or family visits. However, we recommend always checking the latest requirements from the official government or embassy websites of the countries you plan to visit before traveling.</p> <p>Sufficient Funds: You may need to prove that you have enough money to support your stay.</p> <p>Travel Insurance: You're required to have travel health insurance covering at least &euro;30,000 for medical expenses and repatriation.</p> <p>Return or Onward Ticket: Although not always checked, it's advisable to have proof of your intention to leave the Schengen Area within the allowed period.</p> <p>Accommodation Proof: A hotel booking or booking confirmation from Eurotrips.</p>

  • Do I need a visa?

    <p>Whether you need a visa to travel to Europe depends on your citizenship and the specific country you plan to visit.</p> <p>Remember that visa requirements and processes can change, so it's essential to refer to the most up-to-date information provided by the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit. If you have specific questions about the visa application process, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to assist you.</p>

  • Can you help arrange my travel visas?

    <p>We can offer general advice on what steps you may need to take and where to find further information.</p> <p>If you need assistance with a visa application, here are some steps you can take:</p> <ul> <li>Visit the official website of the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit. They will provide detailed information about the visa application process, required documentation, fees, processing times, and any specific instructions.</li> <li>Prepare all the required documents according to the guidelines provided by the embassy or consulate. This may include your passport, visa application form, photographs, proof of travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, financial statements, and any other supporting documents.</li> <li>Follow the instructions provided by the embassy or consulate for submitting your visa application. This may involve applying online, scheduling an appointment for an interview or biometric data collection, and submitting your documents either in person or by mail.</li> <li>Once you have submitted your application and all required documents, you will need to wait for the processing time. Processing times can vary depending on the country and the type of visa.</li> <li>If your visa application is approved, you will receive your visa either affixed in your passport or as a separate document. Make sure to check the details on the visa to ensure they are correct before traveling.</li> </ul> <p>NOTE: Visa processing can take some time, and the recommendation to apply for a visa well in advance, at least 6 weeks before your planned trip, will help avoid stress and contribute to a successful visa issuance. Pay attention to all requirements and documents needed to accompany the visa application, and try to gather all necessary information and documents in advance.</p>

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    <p>Absolutely! Travelling with insurance is a must when you're with Eurotrips. We make it a requirement for all our travellers, and here's why:</p> <ol> <li>Medical Emergencies: Insurance covers medical expenses, so you can focus on getting the care you need without worrying about huge bills.</li> <li>Unexpected Events: Whether it's illness, injury, natural disasters, or family emergencies, insurance reimburses non-refundable trip costs, helping you recover financially.</li> <li>Baggage Coverage: If your baggage is lost, stolen, or delayed, insurance provides compensation for essential items or lost belongings.</li> <li>Travel Assistance: Many policies include 24/7 travel assistance services, emergency medical evacuation, and help with language barriers.</li> <li>Emergency Situations: In cases like natural disasters or political unrest, insurance helps with evacuations and alternative travel arrangements.</li> <li>Travel Delays: Insurance covers expenses due to delays or disruptions beyond your control, ensuring you're financially protected.&nbsp;</li> </ol> <p>Overall, having travel insurance gives you peace of mind and financial protection, ensuring you're ready for any situation during your trip.</p>

  • Do you sell travel insurance?

    No, we don't sell travel insurance. As a tour operator, it's not within our scope to provide such services.

  • Where can I get travel insurance?

    <p>There are numerous travel insurance companies available, and you can even find options at supermarkets or department stores. Feel free to do some research online or talk to your travel agent or our reservations team for recommendations.</p> <p>Just keep in mind that travel insurance is mandatory for all Eurotrips'.</p>

  • Do I need to get any vaccinations before I travel?

    As of 2024, no European countries require a vaccination certificate for entry.

  • What if I have medical conditions or physical disabilities?

    <p>Before you travel, talk to your doctor about any health concerns you have. They can advise you on how to stay healthy during your trip and if you need any special precautions or medicines.</p> <p>Remember to pack your medications and any medical supplies you need in your carry-on bag. Bring extra supplies just in case.</p> <p><strong>When you book your trip, let our manager know about any medical conditions</strong> or disabilities you have. We want to make sure you're comfortable, but not all trips may be suitable for everyone. Our manager can help you find the best options.</p>

  • What if I get sick while travelling?

    Your Trip Leader will be there to help you 24/7. They'll assist you in any uncertain situations and guide you through the process of recovery. They'll also involve any necessary experts in the city or country where you are to ensure you get the help you need.

  • How can I keep healthy on the road?

    Staying healthy on our trips is easy with all the good vibes, fresh air, and exciting experiences. Just remember to pack appropriate clothing, which we'll remind you about in the info sheet sent 4 weeks before the trip. Also, pay attention to any advice or recommendations from your Trip Leader and the locals while you're on the road.

  • What if I'm a smoker?

    <p>Smoking is not allowed in any of our accommodations or on the bus during the trip. However, in Europe, smoking is generally allowed except in public places and indoor establishments. Your Trip Leader will let you know about specific rules during the journey.</p> <p>Please keep in mind that there are customs regulations regarding the transportation of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes during air travel. Make sure to research this information when booking your flight ticket.</p>

  • What if I'm on a special diet?

    When you book your trip, we'll send you a form where you can specify your dietary preferences and restrictions. Based on your needs, we'll do our best to accommodate alternatives to the main menu. However, please note that not all establishments may be able to guarantee exact adherence to your dietary requirements. Your Trip Leader will inform you of any limitations in this regard.

  • How do I get to the starting point of my trip?

    <p>You'll need to arrange your own flight to the starting point of the trip. Look for the best deals on flight comparison websites and book directly through the airline's website. Make sure to leave enough time for any layovers and keep an eye on updates from the airline to avoid missing your flight.</p> <p>When you arrive at the airport, you'll have to find your own way to the starting point. Our starting points are in well-connected areas, so getting there by public transport or taxi should be easy.</p> <p>If you need assistance planning your journey, just reach out to our reservations team, and they'll be happy to help.</p>

  • Are flights included int the price of my Eurotrip?

    Flights to and from the destination where your trip begins and ends are not included and need to be bought separately.

  • Can we buy flights through you?

    We don't partner with any specific airline companies. Instead, we recommend using flight comparison sites like Skyscanner. These sites are great for finding the best flight prices and schedules. Once you've found the right flight, you can book directly through the airline's website or your travel agent.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    <p>We don't have strict luggage restrictions. However, it's worth considering that you'll need to carry your suitcases to your room each time you check-in. So, we suggest packing versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched stylishly without needing too many items.</p> <p><strong>If you're transitioning from Eurotrip to Yacht Week</strong>, make sure to pack a backpack with all your yachting essentials. We suggest using a small bag, similar to hand luggage, with dimensions around 40cm x 25cm x 20cm. Since the cabins on the yacht are cosy but small, we want to ensure you have enough space without feeling crowded by your suitcase :)</p> <p>You can leave your large suitcase in the storage room; we'll send you more information about this separately.</p>

  • Is there any kind of dress code?

    <p>We suggest wearing comfortable clothing for daytime exploration and something a bit more glamorous for evening parties. Since we do a lot of walking, it's important to prioritize comfortable footwear.</p> <p>Occasionally, there might be themed parties, and we'll let you know about the dress code in advance. We'll also send you a list of specific clothing items you'll need for each tour, as seasonal changes can influence wardrobe choices.</p>

  • What should I pack for my trip?

    <p>Depending on the season, some items on the list may vary, but here's the basic checklist:</p> <p>Documents:</p> <ul> <li>Passport</li> <li>Insurance</li> <li>Money</li> </ul> <p>Clothing (should be versatile):</p> <ul> <li>Lightweight waterproof jacket or raincoat for bad weather</li> <li>Hoodie/sweater for cooler mountain areas</li> <li>Pants/trousers/jeans for active sports</li> <li>Shorts for hot weather and leisure</li> <li>T-shirts</li> <li>Swimsuit/trunks</li> <li>Sun protection cap/hat (essential!)</li> <li>Sunglasses</li> <li>Closed-toe shoes for mountain terrain (sneakers or hiking boots)</li> <li>Water shoes for canyoning</li> <li>Lightweight spare footwear (sandals, flip-flops) for hotels</li> <li>&nbsp;Socks</li> <li>Pajamas</li> <li>Underwear</li> </ul> <p>Personal belongings:</p> <ul> <li>Toothbrush + toothpaste</li> <li>Shampoo + shower gel</li> <li>Comb</li> <li>Deodorant</li> <li>Shaving kit</li> <li>Wet + dry wipes</li> <li>Sponges + cotton swabs</li> <li>Cosmetics (for girls: creams, makeup remover, makeup)</li> <li>Nail scissors + tweezers + nail files</li> <li>Plastic bags or waterproof bags</li> <li>Sunscreen</li> <li>Contact lenses and solution (if applicable)</li> <li>Spare glasses (if applicable)</li> </ul> <p>Personal equipment:</p> <ul> <li>Backpack for outings and yachting (for spare clothes)</li> <li>Personal first aid kit with necessary medications - Travel kit (earplugs, travel pillow, sleep mask)</li> <li>Thread + needle Phone Power bank Chargers and adapters</li> </ul>

  • Where and when does my Eurotrip start?

    <p>Your Eurotrip begins on Day 0 when your hotel is reserved and ready for check-in from 4 PM. Later in the evening, you'll meet your fellow travellers and Trip Leader at the hotel reception. We'll have a small introduction and kick things off with a Welcome Party!</p> <p>All information about your trip start can be found on the travel documents sent to you 4 weeks before departure or in a WhatsApp group chat. So, you'll have everything you need to start your adventure on the right foot!</p>

  • How do I check-in for my trip?

    Check-in will take place in the hotel, where you will be greeted by one of our Eurotrips Trip Leaders! Upon arrival, be sure to have your passport and insurance details handy to provide to the staff.

  • I’m arriving late, does it matter if I miss the start?

    <p>If you arrive after 8:00 PM on Day 0, don't worry! We'll make sure you know the location of our Welcome Party by sending it to the WhatsApp group chat. Alternatively, you can check into the hotel yourself and join the rest of the group at the start of the next day.</p> <p>If you arrive on the first day (Day 1), you'll need to leave your belongings at the starting point of the trip in the city centre in a storage room for convenience during the walk.</p> <p>*Please note that we can't compensate for the first night's stay at the hotel, as it's included in the trip cost. But rest assured, we'll make sure you're well taken care of once you arrive.</p>

  • Can I join a trip late or leave it early?

    <p>Absolutely! You're welcome to join the trip at any city along the route and leave the journey earlier if necessary. However, we highly recommend experiencing the entire route with us to be part of all the shared fun stories right from the start!</p> <p>*Please note that there won't be any change in the booking total if you're unable to join us for the whole trip.</p>

  • Are airport transfers included?

    <p>Transfers are not included in the trip (unless specified), so you'll need to make your own way to the trip starting point.</p> <p>Occasionally, the hotels we stay at offer complimentary shuttle services, and we'll inform you about this with an info sheet sent several weeks before the trip.</p> <p>If there's no shuttle service available, don't worry! You can always arrange a private transfer with us for a little extra cost.</p>

  • How do I get to the starting point of my trip?

    The starting point is always a hotel, and we'll send you its address in advance. Additionally, we'll provide detailed information about all possible means of transportation, making it easy for you to plan your journey.

  • How much time will I spend on the coach?

    We try to keep our time on the coach short so you can spend more time exploring. If we have a long distance to cover, we split the drive into shorter ones. This helps us make the most of daylight in the city and avoid long bus rides. At the end of each day, we head to a hotel to check in and get closer to our next destination on the route.

  • What type of accommodation do you stay in on Eurotrips?

    <p>During Eurotrips, you'll stay in comfortable 3-4* star hotels across our routes. Rooms are typically double occupancy, but if you prefer single accommodation, you can book it for an additional charge.</p> <p>Our hotels are usually located in residential areas, offering a more relaxed atmosphere compared to crowded hostels downtown. We believe it's much nicer to enjoy a comfortable and classy hotel slightly away from the city centre.</p> <p>As part of the itinerary, our bus provides transfers to the city centre, and the hotel's surroundings are well-equipped with public transport options and taxis, making it easy for you to explore on your own.</p>

  • Can I see a list of the accommodation for each trip?

    Certainly! We'll provide you with a list of hotels and other helpful tour information a few weeks before your departure.

  • Will I have to share a room on my trip?

    Yes, typically, we accommodate our guests in rooms with two separate beds, unless you request otherwise. Roommates are assigned based on gender and similar age groups. However, you have the option to switch roommates during the trip after coordinating with each other and informing the Trip Leader.

  • Who will I be roomed with?

    <p>You will be roomed with someone of the same gender and a similar age group. However, you can switch roommates during the trip after coordinating with each other and informing your Trip Leader.</p>

  • Can I have a room to myself?

    <p>Yes, you can have a room all to yourself if you prefer. Single accommodation can be arranged for an additional fee.</p>

  • I'm travelling with my partner. Will we be able to share a hotel room

    <p>Yes, absolutely! You and your partner will be able to share a hotel room. Please let us know in advance and specify which type of bed arrangement you prefer: one large bed or two separate beds. We'll make sure to accommodate your request accordingly.</p>

  • What if my roommate and I don’t get along?

    <p>If you find that you're not getting along with your roommate, don't worry. Feel free to discuss it openly with your Trip Leader. If single rooms are available at the hotels along the route, we'll do our best to reserve one for you, though there may be an additional cost. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us, and we're here to make sure you have a great experience.</p>

  • Will I be able to do laundry while travelling?

    <p>We'll provide you with recommendations on where to take care of your laundry while traveling. Usually, there are several options available along the route, either at the hotel or nearby. Just keep in mind that laundry services may involve an additional fee.</p>

  • Can I extend my stay pre and post trip?

    <p>Yes, you can extend your stay both before and after the trip. Just make sure to provide information about extending your room in advance with our customer support team member. This way, we can arrange everything smoothly for you.</p>

  • Will I have regular access to Wi-Fi?

    <p>Our buses are equipped with Wi-Fi access. Most hotels along the route provide complimentary internet access. Additionally, free Wi-Fi hotspots are often available in European cities or establishments.</p>

  • Will I be contactable while I am on my trip?

    <p>As long as your phone is on, you'll have opportunities to connect with your loved ones using Wi-Fi hotspots throughout your trip. We also suggest getting a European e-SIM card for convenient use during your time in Europe.</p> <p>However, there may be instances in remote areas like high mountains, national parks, or at sea, as well as during lively parties, where connectivity might be limited. But in those moments, we encourage you to embrace the experience fully and focus on making memories rather than being glued to your phone :)</p>

  • Is there WiFi at the accommodation we’ll stay at?

    <p>Most of the hotels along the route offer complimentary internet access, so you can expect to have WiFi at the accommodations where we'll be staying.</p>

  • Do Eurotrips coaches have WiFi?

    <p>Our buses are equipped with Wi-Fi access.</p>

  • How can I stay online during my trip?

    <p>The easiest way to stay online is with an eSIM that works in all or selected countries across Europe. If you don't want to splash out unnecessarily on data, we recommend downloading offline maps, as we provide all meeting points and gathering times in advance before heading out for a stroll. And for any other cases, you can always hunt down Wi-Fi.</p>

  • What meals are included on Eurotrips?

    <p>We make sure that breakfasts at hotels are included throughout our journey. Additionally, sometimes we also include select dinners or lunches (you'll find details provided on the trip itinerary) to enhance your travel experience and make it even more enjoyable and worry-free.</p>

  • Are you able to cater to my diet?

    <p>We'll do our best to cater to your dietary needs during your trip. While we strive to accommodate all diets, there may be instances where certain establishments can't fully meet your specific requirements. Rest assured, we'll always inform you of any alternatives available.</p>

  • What if I’m allergic to something?

    <p>Please kindly inform us of any allergies at the time of booking and also make your Trip Leader aware at the start of the trip.</p>

  • Is there any free time on Eurotrips?

    <p>Our trips are designed to give you plenty of free time to make the experience your own. We provide a great framework for your journey, but we also understand the importance of personal exploration and relaxation.</p> <p>You'll have significant blocks of free time where you can choose to explore, relax, or indulge in local cuisine at your own pace. Whether you prefer solo adventures or hanging out with newfound friends, the choice is yours.</p>

  • What do I do in my free time?

    <p>When it comes to free time, the choice is yours:</p> <ol> <li>Explore the city solo. Trip Leader will give you a must-visit list of local hotspots, cafes, and bars.</li> <li>Opt for Extra Activities. We've handpicked some incredible experiences from paragliding in the Alps to cooking paella in Barcelona. These are optional but highly recommended for an unforgettable trip. You'll find them highlighted on the trip page, and your Trip Leader will help you book them during the trip.</li> </ol> <p>You'll get all the essentials for a chill time in Europe, it's up to you whether you wanna roll with the crew or go solo, chill at the hotel or tear it up on the dance floor.</p>

  • What are Extra Activities?

    <p>Extra Activities are the cherry on top of your Eurotrip experience! We're all about adding extra excitement and depth to our adventures by offering a wide range of activities that bring out the true essence of the places we visit. From delicious food adventures to thrilling adrenaline rushes, there's something for everyone. Picture yourself soaring over Monaco in a helicopter, cycling through the charming streets of Amsterdam, zooming between islands on a speedboat, or even paragliding over breathtaking sand dunes. These experiences truly make your journey unforgettable!</p>

  • Are Extra Activities included in the cost of my trip?

    <p>Nope, Extra Activities aren't covered in the cost of your trip. They're extra experiences you can opt for, but don't worry! We've got great connections with suppliers to make sure you're getting the best deal when you book these extras.</p>

  • Do I have to do Extra Activities?

    <p>All of these activities are completely optional. You can decide whether you'd like to join in or spend your free time in another way.</p>

  • How do I know what Extra Activities are on my trip?

    <p>The trip page itinerary will show what are the Included and Extra activities for each day. You'll also get a list of all the Extra activities and their costs with your travel documents, sent to you 4 weeks before your trip.</p> <p>Your Trip Leader will explain all the available options at the start of your trip, so you can decide which awesome experiences you want to try once you have all the info.</p>

  • How do I pay for Extra Activities?

    <p>You can pay for free Extra Activities either in advance or during the trip. We accept payment by both cash and credit or debit card during the trip for your convenience.</p>

  • Will there be parties each night?

    <p>Parties are part of the genetic code of Eurotrips!&nbsp;Europe has some of the best nightlights in the world and to experience it with us is the best way!</p>

  • Do I have to participate on them?

    <p>None of our events are compulsory, however, the parties are a great way to mingle and get to know the group you will be travelling with!</p>

  • What will I need money for on the trip?

    <p>&nbsp;When it comes to managing your expenses on the trip, here's what you should keep in mind:</p> <ul> <li>Set aside funds for meals that aren't included in your package, especially lunches and dinners. You can find the total number of included meals in your trip's cost breakdown or itinerary.</li> <li>Consider any Extra Activities you might want to enjoy during your free time.</li> <li>Plan for additional sightseeing you'd like to do independently, beyond what's offered in our standard package or optional Extra Activities.</li> <li>Budget for personal indulgences like drinks, souvenir shopping, and any evening entertainment that might not be part of your package.</li> </ul>

  • How much spending money should I bring?

    <p>We can't predict how much you'll splurge, but we can orient you on average costs for popular travel items, so here's a breakdown:</p> <ul> <li>Average beer price: &euro;3-&euro;7 per glass</li> <li>Average cocktail price: &euro;8-&euro;15 each</li> <li>Average lunch and dinner price: &euro;10-&euro;30 per meal</li> <li>Average ice cream price: &euro;2-&euro;5 per scoop</li> <li>Average magnet price: &euro;1-&euro;5 each</li> <li>All expenses for the Extra Activities, which you can pay for either in cash or by card during the tour.</li> </ul> <p>Keep in mind that prices vary by country. While card payments are widely accepted, having cash on hand is recommended for smaller expenses (and for chipping in with your travel mates after group outings). If you run out of cash, finding an ATM in Europe is quite easy. However, it's advisable to consult with your bank regarding the most optimal fees and to inform them of your travels to Europe in advance.</p> <p>In countries with their own currency, card payments are accepted, but most of them also accept euros.</p>

  • What currencies will I need?

    <p>Euros are the primary currency accepted for cash payments in most countries. Otherwise, cards are accepted almost everywhere in Europe.</p>

  • Do I need to exchange cash before I leave?

    <p>If you have the opportunity to exchange your currency for euros in advance, it will save you time in Europe.</p>

  • Is tipping compulsory?

    <p>Tipping tradition vary across Europe. In some countries, like France and Italy, a service charge is often included in the bill, so tipping is not required but is appreciated for exceptional service.</p> <p>In other countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, tipping is customary but not obligatory. It's always a good idea to check the local customs or ask the staff if you're unsure.</p>

  • What should I tip service staff?

    <p>Tipping isn't always required; it's more of a gesture or about showing appreciation. Typically, people tip 5% to 10% of the total bill.</p>

  • Should I tip Eurotrips trip leaders and drivers?

    <p>Except for your skipper on the yacht, tipping Eurotrips trip leaders and Coach Drivers is optional. But if you feel satisfied with their assistance and leadership, a tip would be a kind acknowledgement of their efforts.</p>

  • Will I be able to provide feedback on my trip?

    <p>Absolutely! At the end of your trip, you'll get the chance to fill out a digital feedback questionnaire covering everything from your Trip Leader to the food, accommodation, and activities.</p> <p>You'll also receive an email from Feefo, an independent review site, shortly after your trip. Just follow the link to leave a review of your trip. Your honest feedback helps us improve and give credit to our staff for their hard work.</p>

  • How do I leave a review?

    <p>After your trip wraps up, keep an eye out for an email from Feefo, our trusted independent review platform. Just click the link in the email, and it'll take you straight to Feefo's site, where you can share your thoughts about your Eurotrip.</p>

  • How can I file a complaint?

    <p>If you need to raise a concern, start by chatting with your Trip Leader during your trip. They'll work to find a solution right away. If that's not possible or if it's before or after your trip, just shoot us an email at <a class="waffle-rich-text-link" href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. We're here to help!</p>

  • How can I contact my group once I’m home?

    <p>You've likely already swapped social handles with most of your group during the trip, but you can also keep in touch through the group chat your Trip Leader set up before the journey. It's the ideal spot to chat, share trip photos, and perhaps even start planning the ultimate reunion.</p>

  • How can I share my travel memories?

    <p>Share your trip photos on social media with your trip hashtag and tag We love seeing your adventures and might feature your photos! Plus, keep an eye out for social challenges during your trip for a chance to win prizes!</p>

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