How does it work? What will I do on my Eurotrip?

If you're hopping on our trip, get ready to join a community of 40 travellers in their 20s, led by a caring Trip Leader and a pro Coach Driver.

We've got all the hassle covered – transportation, accommodation, and daily planning. And in each city, we provide local guides who'll take you to hidden gems that even Google doesn't know about.

When it comes to free time, the choice is yours:

  1. Explore the city solo. Trip Leader will give you a must-visit list of local hotspots, cafes, and bars.
  2. Opt for Extra Activities. We've handpicked some incredible experiences from paragliding in the Alps to cooking paella in Barcelona. These are optional but highly recommended for an unforgettable trip. You'll find them highlighted on the trip page, and your Trip Leader will help you book them during the trip.

You'll get all the essentials for a chill time in Europe, it's up to you whether you wanna roll with the crew or go solo, chill at the hotel or tear it up on the dance floor.

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