More than a decade of rip-roaring, life-changing Eurotrips, by Europeans.

It’s in our blood.

Meet Our Founder

Dmytro Yaremkovych
At Eurotrips, we believe youth is not a phase, it's our prime time. Our mission? Simple: help you sparkle in your 20s’ spotlight.

If not now, then when? You've dreamt of Europe for ages, heard the stories, envied the Instagram posts.

Now it's your turn! To Explore Europe. Make friends. Find love. Create timeless memories.

Eurotrips, your trusty travel companion, has everything sorted. Pack your bags and let the journey unfold.

It’s your turn!

One bus. One Trip Leader. Once in a frickin’ lifetime. You and 40 other curious cats on a hair-raising circuit of Europe’s finest.

Make this summer your summer with Original European Tours.

This is your time. Your trip. Your turn.

Meet Our Team

Barry CEO Barry Yet another Zimbabwean. Barry's strengths lie in hospitality, holidays and brewing. Favourite thing about the office: the dress code, or lack of it.
Dima CEO & Co-founder Dima Meet Dmyo, a seasoned entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience, 30+ countries under his belt, and a mission: helping 1,000,000 young people have the Eurotrip of their lives.
Ella Marketing & Channels Manager Ella Ella is inspired by "travel, travel, travel". So it looks like she's in the right job. Ella has a background in Hospitality, Events and Retail and a BA Hons in Theatre and Performance.
Alina Marketing Manager Alina Ukrainian at heart, a wanderer by nature. With a resume that includes airports, airlines, and travel companies, she's your one-stop shop for all your travel questions.
Nikolina Head of Brand & Partnerships Nikolina A Croatian with a love for salt, vinegar chips and riding the bus. Inspired by: people, different perspectives, travel and the moon.
Nnnenna Marketing Executive Nnnenna Nnenna is notorious for always finding and sharing new music so we can't wait to get her on the office sonos.
Kiera People & Culture Coordinator Kiera Meet Kiera, she has a love for outdoor sports and has an undeniable passion for chocolate. Luckily there's always snacks in the office and plenty of outdoor activities to get involved in!
Lydia Commercial Director Lydia Lyds is notorious for: not knowing a "normal" pasta size portion. Her desert island item is SPF50.
Marcus Commercial Manager Marcus Marcus is notorious for hating cheese... yes, you read that right - we judge him too.
Stephen Analyst & Paid Media Strategist Stephen Stephen loves data so much he even dreams about it, so it's no surprise that well-ordered datasets is also what inspires him. His fave thing about the office: the occasional appearance of ABBA on the Sonos.
Tommy Senior Sales Executive Tommy Tommy is most notorious for terrible, terrible content. And also being very loud. It's lucky he works in sales then.
Claudia Customer Service Executive Claudia Besides the obvious fact that Claudia loves traveling, she used to live in Amsterdam, and I used to be a dancer when she was 18. Can't wait for you to bust out those moves on the dance floor.
Georgia Customer Success Executive Georgia Georgia is notorious for always being spontaneous and never staying still, and her always smiley face around the office keeps everyone is a good mood.
Paul CFO Paul Find Paul being quiet in the corner, soaking up the chilled vibes whilst managing our finances. Give Paul a beer and out comes the lad.
Marijana Finance Manager Marijana Looks like Lara Croft. Plays handball like her too. Find her on the dance floor.
Jake Financial Controller Jake Jake is attempting to learn Spanish (not doing so great), but has successfully gotten hold of the tickets to Glastonbury this year, and we take this as a much bigger achievement than anything else.
Renee Finance Assistant Renee Renee is our self-proclaimed lyrical genius who proudly declares to know every word to every song ever written! This is regularly tested whilst we're listening to our office tunes!
Billy Frontend Developer Billy Billy is a simple guy enjoying simple pleasures in life like desserts and Rocky movies. As a bonus, he can play a guitar. The bad news is that he's not very good at it.
Ondrej Lead Web Developer Ondrej Ondrej's desert island item would be an emergency GPS watch so that he can be rescued - can you tell he works in tech?
Volodymyr Co-founder/ Stakeholder/ Partner Volodymyr Entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience, master of team building, and dream chaser. When he's not busy, catch him running, doing yoga, or hanging out with friends.
Olha Head of Product Department Olha Meet our itinerary magician, who crafts all Eurotrips from scratch. Her go-to app? Google Maps. And off-duty, she's all about cracking jokes and laughing loudly with friends.
Yurii Marketing Team Lead Yurii As a data-savvy guru, Yura brings Eurotrips' marketing into perf order. Find him exploring Europe, sipping aromatic coffee in cool cafes, or cooking delicious breakfasts at home.
Victoria Sales Team Lead Victoria Aside from her obvious love for travelling, Vika finds inspiration in music, reading, and people. Her fave thing? Singing along at live concerts
Serhii Sales Manager Serhii Serhiy is a social butterfly, always fluttering around on weekends. He thrives on travelling and dominating board games with friends, whether at home or on the road.
Olha Community Manager Olha A bookworm, who’s always escaping to other worlds. Traveling? That's her ultimate soul refreshment like hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete for her energy levels.
Daria Team Leader Daria Dreams of globe-trotting from behind the wheel. She's all about meeting new faces, hearing hilarious tales, and snapping photos... especially selfies.
Iryna Product Manager Iryna She's head over heels for travelling and animals. Always game for something new, Ira’s all about lakes, tasty brews, and people as uncomplicated as her beer preferences.
Anastasiia Product Team Lead Anastasiia Anastasiia's mornings? It's all about exercise, coffee, and her favourite café. She's on a mission for new countries and epic walks. People power her up, especially those happy kitties on our trips.
Yevhen COO Yevhen Jenya adores mountains and dreams of Italy. Knows all sports rules but only digs a few—football and anything bike-related.His movie watchlist? Longer than a to-do list but never gets ticked off.
Nata Finance Team Lead Nata For her, travelling is like a buffet of experiences—diverse cultures, shapes, and flavours included. And when it comes to challenges, she tackles them like a ninja on a unicycle.
Bohdan Digital Marketer Bohdan He's like a curious cat on a global scavenger hunt, always uncovering something new about the world and meeting quirky characters along the way. It's like adding fuel to his daily adventure engine.
Dariia Content Marketing Manager Dariia She's all about marketing and travelling, so landing a gig at Eurotrips is a dream come true. Dasha's dreams? A little corgi and a triumphant comeback to tennis.
Anna Trip Leader Anna Obsessed with work that fuels wanderlust in others. She juggles food, wine, cooking, and sports like a pro. Inspired by epic sunsets, the sea, and big shots who've made it big.
Olha Trip Leader Olha Hooked on travelling, and it loves me back! Crazy about planes, horses, football, and hockey. Took her first trip abroad at 25, and now ticked off over 25 countries.
Diana Trip Leader Diana She'd probably bring a suitcase to her wedding! Always on the lookout for those hidden gems, that haven't quite made it to Instagram stardom yet.
Natalia Trip Leader Natalia Can't survive without travel, so she jumped into the tourism gig. Nata practically radiates travel vibes — like a human travel brochure, but with more personality.
Tetiana Trip Leader Tetiana She's all about positive vibes and chill people—the type you'd want on your team in a zombie apocalypse. She figures, to find yourself, you've got to wander the world first.
Vladyslava Sales Manager Vladyslava Loves music, making new pals, and learning random stuff. She'll hop on any adventure as long as it promises fun. Inspired by gleeful Eurotrippers who bounce back after our trips.

The Original Eurotrip

It’s all family It’s all family
It’s all family

20-30 year olds. 40 of them. Solo travellers, first-timers and everyone in between. Our trips are super sociable and though you might arrive strangers, you’ll leave like family.

Guides. With actual vibes Guides. With actual vibes
Guides. With actual vibes

Glasses on cords, unironic fanny packs, sandals and socks. Not on Eurotrips. Our guides are young, energetic and will show you hidden spots and local gems Google could never.

Activities. Beyond ordinary Activities. Beyond ordinary
Activities. Beyond ordinary

A casual paraglide over the Alps. An immersive dance show in Dam. A swoop over Monaco in a helicopter. Take a camera, no one’s going to believe you.

A party sandwich A party sandwich
A party sandwich

And obviously, you’re invited. Every Eurotrip starts and finishes with a wild party – a celebration of life, of travel, of Europe, of you.

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