What is Eurotrips?

We are the specialists in European travel. Since 2012, we've been organising fantastic group trips for 20-30 year-olds. Just imagine: more than a decade of rip-roaring, life-changing Eurotrips, by Europeans.

Our Eurotrips are based on two core values:

  1. ‘Not for Tourists’ — Whether you’re a first-timer, solo traveller or anyone in between, see Europe from the POV of a native European.

  2. 'Quality Over Everything' — Hotels, not hostels. Local guides and hidden gems. Activities you won’t find anywhere else. ʼ

At Eurotrips, we believe youth is not a phase, it's our prime time. Our mission? Simple: help you sparkle in your 20s’ spotlight. We don't just talk the talk, we live by our motto 'It's your turn’. To Explore Europe. Make friends. Find love. Create timeless memories.

Eurotrips, your trusty travel companion, has everything sorted. Pack your bags and let the journey unfold.

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